Watch out e cig small fish the whales are coming.  Njoy, Tru-Smoke, V2 and other e cig brands have been around awhile now but things are about to change with Big Tobacco blowing up the industry.

Markten, Vuse and Blu electronic cigarette brands are are getting a boost from Big Tobacco as all the major tobaccos companies are going full force.  This is a good thing for the consumers as the big resources will produce a better product and I cam’t wait to get my hands on what’s coming.  Am I gonna be a Vuse smoker, a Blu smoker we will see I can’t wait to compare what the big goys will put out there.

Despite coming regulation traditional cigarettes may be a thing of the past as health concerns and pressure keeps mounting.  Add on to that analyst on wallstreet predict the e cig industry to quickly grow into a billion dollar industry it has the attention of Big Tobacco. 

Stocks are up!

Thats right e cig companies are making money and tobacco is on the way out.

“Reynolds projects industry revenue will double to $1 billion this year and reach $3 billion within five years.”

You think Big Tobacco has not noticed the market shift, of course they do and they want their piece of the pie.  In the last 2 weeks all majot cigarette brands have officially announced they avenues into the e cigarette market. Investors are jumping on the boat as well, Njoy brand e cigs has raised over $75 million.

It’s a space race to see who can gobble up market share and out last everyone else.  People are thinking long term and now is the time to solidify their position. Just think, startup mode for cigarette companies.  Who can go global with their brand first? Who will have the best product.  Its like Facebook vs. Myspace.  Also with the competition and cash to be made I expect innovative and better products to hit the market soon.  And as soon as we get our hands on them will go into indepth comparison and get you the all the dirt.